Aploda (Capecitabine) 150mg & 500mg

Name Aploda
Description Capecitabine is a non-cytotoxic fluoropyrimidine carbamate, which functions as an orally administered precursor of the cytotoxic moiety 5-fluorouracil (5-FU). Capecitabine is activated via several enzymatic steps (see section 5.2). The enzyme involved in the final conversion to 5-FU, thymidine phosphorylase (ThyPase), is found in tumour tissues, but also in normal tissues, albeit usually at lower levels. In human cancer xenograft models capecitabine demonstrated a synergistic effect in combination with docetaxel, which may be related to the upregulation of thymidine phosphorylase by docetaxel.
Active Ingredient Capecitabine
Indication Adjuvant treatment of patients following surgery of stage III (Dukes'stage C) colon cancer.
  • metastatic colorectal cancer.
  • first-line treatment of advanced gastric cancer in combination with a platinum-based regimen.
  • in combination with docetaxel (see section 5.1) for the treatment of patients with locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer after failure ofcytotoxic chemotherapy. Previous therapy should have included ananthracycline.
  • as monotherapy for the treatment of patients with locally advanced ormetastatic breast cancer after failure of taxanes and an anthracyclinecontainingchemotherapyregimenor forwhomfurtheranthracyclinetherapyis notindicated.
Strengths 500mg and 150mg