Biarus (Temozolamide) 20mg, 100mg, &250mg

Name Biarus
Description Temozolomide is a triazene, which undergoes rapid chemical conversion at physiologic pH to the active monomethyl triazenoimidazole carboxamide (MTIC). The cytotoxicity of MTIC is thought to be due primarily to alkylation at the O6 position of guanine with additional alkylation also occurring at the N7 position. Cytotoxic lesions that develop subsequently are thought to involve aberrant repair of the methyl adduct.
Active Ingredient Temozolomide
Indication Temozolamide Capsules is indicated for the treatment of:
  • adult patients with newly-diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme concomitantly with radiotherapy (RT) and subsequently as monotherapy Therapeutic indications treatment.
  • children from the age of three years, adolescents and adult patients with malignant glioma, such as glioblastoma multiforme or anaplastic astrocytoma, showing recurrence or progression after standard therapy
Strengths 20mg, 250mg and 100mg