Bio adherent oral protective gel for mucositis relief

Name Gelclair®
Description Gelclair® is an oral gel that coats the surface of the mouth forming a thin protective film over painful oral lesions, such as those caused by radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment for cancer.
Active Ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate + Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)
Indication Gelclair® helps the management of painful symptoms of mucositis of the oropharyngeal cavity. Gelclair®, used as a mouthwash, forms a protective film that helps to provide pain relief, soothing mouth lesions including those caused by medication, disease, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, oral surgery, traumatic ulcers.
Strengths Box of 21(15 ml) Sachets and 180ml Bottle*
Regulatory Status FDA, EMA/EU and GCC approved.
Business Partner Helsinn Healthcare SA
Origin Switzerland
* Specific markets