Pharma Solutions is an established company with Commercial activities in 14 countries of Gulf and Middle East. We cater to the unmet and Critical care diseases and facilitate approvals and accessibility in the MENA.

Who We Are

Pharma Solutions licenses, markets and distributes Innovative and generic Pharmaceuticals across the region. Our primary focus areas are the segments like Cancer, Accident & Emergency, Anti retro viral/ Infectious diseases and other Hospital Drugs


Our Product Range

Accident and Emergency

Effective solutions for Pain Management and to curtail Emergency Complications

Hospital Injectables

Offering wide-range of essential drugs/injectables to cater all hospital needs


Offering innovative treatment options in Cancer care

Dental Speciality

For immediate relief through innovative pain management products

Specialized Nutrition

Dietary solutions post gastric bypass/surgery

Medical Devices

Providing specialized devices to detect, diagnose and treat complicated tumours

Critical Care Therapy

Affordable medications for HIV, HCV, Kidney Transplant and essential vaccines.


Contribute to better Quality of Life by sourcing novel therapies

Our Principals