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Vianex – Greece

Vianex has steadily increased its worldwide expansion. Vianex is present in Europe (UK, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Cyprus), in the Middle East (UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc), in Africa (Tunisia, Sudan, South Africa, Ivory Coast, etc), in Asia (Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.).

The company’s successful and effective exporting activities have been achieved through different factors and advantages such as: Anex manufactures or imports, packages, promotes and distributes a large number of well-known pharmaceutical products which cover all of the therapeutic categories.

The number of these products exceeds 200 (in all pharmacotechnical formulations) and confirms the trust and commitment, which is put in VIANEX by its international business partners. The efficacy and safety of the pharmaceutical products are verified through clinical trials, carried out by independent researchers in the large national hospitals, in collaboration with the Company’s medical departments.

All clinical studies are planned and executed in accordance with the international specifications of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). VIANEX has recently started collaboration with University for the research and development of new active molecules effective to the treatment of critical diseases. VIANEX manufacturing facility is approved by the GCC central registration authorities in Saudi Arabia and in process of getting its products registered in UAE.


  • ONDA (ondansetron) 4mg/2ml Injection Ampoule
  • ONDA (ondansetron) 8mg/4ml Injection Ampoule
  • VIATRINIL (granisetron) 3mg/3ml Injection, 5 Ampoules
  • CLIDACIN (clindamycin) 150mg/ml Injection Ampoule
  • VIASOL (pantoprazole) 40mg Injection Vial
  • VIAOME (omeprazole) 40mg Injection Vial
  • Paclitaxel (30mg & 100mg) Injection Vial
  • Carboplatin (150mg & 450mg) Injection Vial
  • Oxaliplatin (50mg & 100mg) Injection Vial
  • Gemcitabine (200mg & 1gm) Injection Vial
  • Irinotecan (40mg & 100mg) Injection Vial
  • Docetaxel (20mg & 80mg) Injection Vial

Represented exclusively in the UAE, Oman and Bahrain by Pharma Solutions.