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GELCLAIR concentrated oral rinse gel 15ml


A specially formulated concentrated, bio adherent oral gel that forms a protective film by adhering to the mucosa of the oropharyngeal cavity. Presented as a concentrated gel for dilution with water.

Each sachet contains (before dilution):
Sodium Hyaluronate: 0.1%
PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone): 9%

Gelclair can:

Provide anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.
Provide fast & significant pain relief.
Reduce oral mucositis worsening.
Improve patients· ability to eat, drink, swallow, speak and sleep.
Reduce total mouth bacterial amount

Gelclair helps patients in:

Oral mucositis
Care after oral surgery
Mouth lesions, irritation & Traumatic ulcers (e.g. caused by dental braces and dentures).
Aphthous ulcers
Gingivitis & Periodontitis
Receding gums
Oral lichen planus
Oral soreness
Dry and burning mouth

PENTHROX liquid for inhalation 3ml


Penthrox® provides pain relief in the dental practice. The active ingredient of Penthrox® (Methoxyflurane) has been clinically demonstrated to be a safe and effective analgesic agent offering patients comfort and relief during dental treatment.

Penthrox® in the dental practice:

Initial examination
Patients in pain
Emergency situations
Pre-injection analgesia:
Prior to the administration of local anaesthetic
During uncomfortable procedures:
Removal of temporary crowns or bridges
Hand scaling and root planing
Ultrasonic scaling
Taking of impressions or radiographs in gaggers
Placement of rubber dam clamps – Suture removal
Fitting and adjusting of immediate dentures
Incision and drainage of abscesses – Placement of implants
Management of dry socket

MEDICAINE solution for injection 1.8ml cartridge

EXP - AE - FP  - Medicaine - 01 - 18.cdr

Medicaine contains Mepivacaine 2% with adrenalin at 1/100000.

Pharmaceutical form: Injectable solution in a 1.8ml cartridge – box of 50

The local anesthetics act by blocking the sodium channels in the internal face of the peripheral neuron membrane.

Medicaine has the following properties:

Fast Onset Time
Long Lasting Effect
Good Tissue Diffusion

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